Block 1 (Time: 12 Hrs, Cost: Ksh 20,000):

Module 1: Overview of M&E
Module 2: M&E in Project Management cycle
Module 3: The Results Frameworks
Module 4: The Logical Framework Approach
Module 5: Indicator Development
Module 6: Indicator bench marking and targeting
Module 7: Development of Indicator Performance Reference Sheets

Block 2 (Time: 18 Hrs, Cost: Ksh 25,000):

Block 2 (Time: 18 Hrs, Cost: Ksh 25,000):
Module 1: Strategic Planning and the M&E cycle
Module 2: The Theory of Change Framework
Module 4: M&E Plans Module 5: Operationalization of M&E Plans
Module 6: Integrating a robust Monitoring, Evaluations, and Learning systems (PPIs, SEIs, etc)
Module 7: Data Management systems Module 8: Promoting a Learning Agenda in organizations- a Knowledge Management strategy, Learning Questions,
Planning and Review cycles
Module 8: GIS and the M&E cycle- Geo-referencing/mapping and remote sensing
Module 9: Data Quality Assessments
Module 10: Business/Organizational and Operations tracking and measurement
Module 11: Auditing M&E systems
Module 13: The M&E system enablers- infrastructure, material/financial resources

Block 3 (Time: 12 Hrs, Cost: Ksh 20,000):

Module 1: Evaluations- Baseline surveys, Mid-term evaluations, Final evaluations, Impact evaluations
Module 2: Development of evaluations/research questionnaires
Module 3: Organizing a research/evaluation assignment- enumerator training, data collection tools pre-testing, field data collection, data cleaning and entry, data analysis, report writing
Module 4: Evaluations reporting- ensuring findings are internalized, findings actions taken, and results disseminated in manageable pieces
Module 5: ICT-enabled data collection approaches (ESRI, Mobenzi, Kimetrica, etc)
Module 6: Development of Terms of Reference for Evaluations and management of large evaluations

Block 4 (Time: 12 Hrs, Cost: Ksh 20,000):

Module 1: Research Methods- Quantitative and Qualitative approaches
Module 2: Data analysis software- Advanced excel (Excel-pro), SPSS (SPSS E.A), STATA
Module 3: Value for Money analysis (VfM)

Block 5 (Time: 3 Hrs, Cost: Ksh 6,000):

Module 1: M&E of Development projects- Grant-making and direct implementing organizations
Module 2: M&E of Business Projects
Module 3: M&E of Infrastructure projects
Module 4: M&E of Government projects/operations
Module 5: M&E of scientific projects/initiatives
Module 6: M&E of sector/systems changes

Block 6 (Time: 6 Hrs, Cost: 10,000):

Module 1: M&E of government funded programs (USAID, DFID, AUS AID, Canadian Aid, EU)
Module 2: M&E of Foundations funded programs (BMGF, RF, MF)
Module 3: M&E of Development Banks funded programs (WB, AfDB, Islamic Bank)

Block 7 (Time: 3 Hrs, Cost: 6,000):

Module 1: Current trends in M&E
Module 2: Case studies of comprehensive Monitoring, Evaluations and Learning systems
Module 3: The future of M&E in private and public organizations, profit and non-profit organizations

Block 8 (Time: 6 Hrs, Cost: 10,000):

Module 1: Strategic and Operational Planning
Module 2: Funding proposal development and M&E in organizational Resource Mobilization cycle
Module 3: M&E and organizational/projects reporting cycle


Full details about The African Center for Monitoring and Evaluation (AfCeME) M&E Training Schedule can be found in comprehensive documentation package available for free download.


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