We have a highly competent and diverse team that spearheads different key focus areas in Project Management and Monitoring & Evaluation of the company as outlined below:

Project Evaluations

We provide services in two categories in support for project evaluations:

  1.  Conducting evaluations
  2.  Evaluation Audits

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Capacity Building

We offer Monitoring and Evaluation trainings, either in-house or in organized course schedules at flexible times.In-house capacity building content will be agreed upon with clients based on need and skills assessment. The company’s capacity building course schedules will be posted on the website for registration and will be held in quiet locations around major cities.

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Monitoring and Evaluation systems

M&E Systems involves various components:

  1.  Development, set-up and Implementation of Monitoring and Evaluation System.
  2. Project Audits
  3. Monitoring and Evaluation System Audits
  4. Project Data Quality Assessments

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Special Projects

We manage special projects on behalf of organizations/companies and ensure all project design, implementation and measurement is done at the highest standard possible and achieves biggest desired impact. We also pilot projects for organizations to assess the viability of implementing the intervention/concept on a larger scale, incorporating sustainability and impact assessments. We also implement special projects (mostly high impact projects identified by the company or other funding agencies) that the company implements from time to time, funded in partnership with other non-profit and/or private agencies. 

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M&E Conferences and Meetings

AfCeME is dedicated to convening Monitoring and Evaluation focused meetings, including project learning and planning meetings (annual/periodic), evaluations report action meetings (operationalizing evaluation report findings with clear mitigation strategies), as well as M&E stakeholder meetings and/or conferences on key thematic issues to contribute to building a vibrant monitoring and evaluation culture in organizations and African societies. We believe in M&E for learning and continual improvement of interventions, we therefore have dedicated an experienced team of specialists to support teams in conducting successful Project Annual Review and Planning Meetings and facilitating stakeholder meetings to operationalize survey and evaluation findings.

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Full details about The African Center for Monitoring and Evaluation (AfCeME) M&E Training Schedule can be found in comprehensive documentation package available for free download.


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