M&E Systems involves various components:

a)    Development, set-up and Implementation of Monitoring and Evaluation System

We develop, set up and implement functional Monitoring and Evaluation Systems that will integrate organizational and projects reality and complexity. We are keen to adapt already working systems for huge cost and time savings, and for ease of implementation, depending on the intervention complexity. We can as well develop and manage the entire M&E system for you, or we can review an already existing system and/or manage it on behalf, or just set up and train organizational teams to implement the system with our long-term support. We are specialists in developing Theory of Change frameworks, M&E Plans/Performance Management Plans, Results Frameworks, Log Frames, Indicators, data collation, management and dissemination systems, and sustainability and progress indices. We integrate the Monitoring systems and Evaluation systems to provide meaningful progress and impact information about an intervention.

b)    Project Audits

AfCeME has developed a comprehensive project audit index that can be adapted to specific interventions. This index reviews  whether project implementation is on track on the basis of the project design, and the confidence level that progress and/or original design will lead to the desired project goal. Project sustainability index will also be reviewed. The project audits are part of a monitoring/tracking system that helps the project team continually and realistically review their strategies and progress direction before major evaluations. The scope of the audit will be agreed upon with project team. Project audits can be combined with project Annual Review and Planning meetings and are recommended to be done annually or bi-annually.

c)    Monitoring and Evaluation System Audits

AfCeME also does M&E system audits, to support organizations assess whether the M&E system established is tracking the right aspects of the interventions, and whether tracked info will sufficiently measure intervention performance and ultimate delivery and effectively contribute to measurement of impact. An index has been developed by the company that can be adapted to specific intervention aspects.

d)    Project Data Quality Assessments

Data Quality Assessments (DQA) checks data management and reporting systems and data quality at various levels of an M&E system. The company has developed a DQA checklist that can be adapted to specific intervention data quality assessment needs. DQAs can be combined with M&E system audits or can be done separately, depending on client needs.



Full details about The African Center for Monitoring and Evaluation (AfCeME) M&E Training Schedule can be found in comprehensive documentation package available for free download.


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