AfCeME is dedicated to convening Monitoring and Evaluation focused meetings, including project learning and planning meetings (annual/periodic), evaluations report action meetings (operationalizing evaluation report findings with clear mitigation strategies), as well as M&E stakeholder meetings and/or conferences on key thematic issues to contribute to building a vibrant monitoring and evaluation culture in organizations and African societies. We believe in M&E for learning and continual improvement of interventions, we therefore have dedicated an experienced team of specialists to support teams in conducting successful Project Annual Review and Planning Meetings and facilitating stakeholder meetings to operationalize survey and evaluation findings.As a way to contribute to the overall pull of knowledge in African M&E and build a vibrant network of M&E proffesionals, the AfCeME team will often organize thematic M&E meetings/conferences in partnership with other development, business and government partners,come up with key thematic action points and engage policy makers and/or key stakeholders in facilitating implementation.


Full details about The African Center for Monitoring and Evaluation (AfCeME) M&E Training Schedule can be found in comprehensive documentation package available for free download.


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