We provide services in two categories in support for project evaluations:

a) Conducting evaluations

AfCeME has brought together a highly competent and diverse team to contact project baseline studies, mid-term evaluations, final evaluations, Impact studies and other selected thematic project studies. The evaluations/studies are based on highly rigorous methodologies that combine the scientific rigor and are relevant to measuring the specific intervention. We believe in a tripartite project success, from the donor angle, the implementer angle and the beneficiary angle- we try to define project results from these three perspectives.

b) Evaluation Audits

We support organizations in development of the right ToRs for evaluations/studies, and ensuring questionnaires developed by evaluation consultants are the right ones to collect required information of an intervention, whether it is a baseline, a performance evaluation, a final intervention evaluation or it is an impact evaluation. We also provide an extra eye to ensure the sampling approach is appropriate to the study approach, the data collection and analysis approach is sound and the evaluation reports written by evaluation consultants are reflective of the information collected, conclusions and recommendations are based on the findings and the report is in the highest quality standard possible. We simply ensure, early enough, that an organization does not waste money on evaluations that will provide little of what is sought for by the donors and the intervention teams, and provide an opportunity to rectify the flows before huge expenditures.





Full details about The African Center for Monitoring and Evaluation (AfCeME) M&E Training Schedule can be found in comprehensive documentation package available for free download.


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