The African Center for Monitoring and Evaluation (AfCeME) is led by a  Board of Advisors of highly experienced professionals from diverse  backgrounds and of exceptional M&E and Projects Management expertise.  Mr Simiyu Gaitano, a Kenyan national and a highly experienced  Monitoring and Evaluation specialist, is the Chairman of the Board  of  Advisors at AfCeME. Dr Franklin Simtowe, a Malawi national and  renowned expert in project evaluations and impact studies, is a member  of the Board and a Senior Advisor on Evaluations. Ms Heather McHugh, a  US national and highly experienced global expert in M&E systems  development, implementation and audits, is a member and Senior Advisor  on M&E systems development and implementation. Dr Ken Kibukho, a Kenya  national and experienced expert and trainer in Project M&E, is a  member of the Board and a Senior Advisor on M&E capacity building. Ms  Elsbeth Naeku, a Kenyan National and experienced M&E and development  expert, is a member of the Board and a Senior Advisor on special  Projects. Ms Catherine Karengo, a Kenyan national, is AfCeME's  Projects Coordinator and secretary to the Advisory Board.

Other support team members of AfCeME include Tasaffy Hossain,  a  Bangladesh national and versatile expert in M&E and events management,  is an advisor and facilitator of M&E conferences and meetings. Mr  Mwangangi advises on Finance and Administration, Ms Onyango advises on  IT and Marketing, and Ms Kubayi, who is also an advocate, supports the  Company on regulations and contractual issues.

AfCeME has also over 100 high level consulting experts from around the  globe who have subscribed to spearhead various M&E assignments of focus.


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